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4 Decisions to Make Before Ordering Plantation Shutters

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Custom Plantation Shutters are available with lots of exciting options so you can fit your home’s style perfectly. Before you place your order, consider these 4 options for customizing your shutters.

Seng, who writes at, walks us through the choices she made in ordering her Signature Wood Shutters.

Four Options for Custom Plantation Shutters

In the past, ordering faux wood or wood shutters was intimidating and complicated, but now with’s easy-to-use customization process, you’ll just enter a few details about your window and we do the heavy lifting. Plus if you’d like help, a designer can guide you through the process and double check your order.

1. Framing and Divider Rails

Shutter panel style would you like?

You can choose full shutters which open as one panel…


…cafe shutters which only cover half the window for a clear view at eye level…


…or double hung shutters which can be opened at the top and bottom separately.


Divider rails are another available option for your shutter panels. A divider rail is a stationary strip that allows you to open the top louvers while leaving the bottom closed.


You can also choose the exact height you’d like your divider rail to be. Seng ordered hers right above the banquette seating in her kitchen nook.

2. Mounting Options

Shutters can be mounted outside the window opening or inside.  To decide which is right for you, start by looking to see if you have molding around your window opening.

We recommend mounting shutters inside the window opening when you do have decorative trim or molding around your window. With an inside mount, shutters will attach directly to the window frame with hinges or to a small wooden shutter frame. This is sometimes called an “L” frame.


If you do not have decorative molding around your window, we recommend that you choose an outside mount. This mount style has built-in molding that will give your window a finished look. An “L” frame goes outside your window opening, while a “Z” frame overlaps the corners of your window opening.


Not sure which to choose? Call us with your information about your windows 501-314-9587 , we’ll help you decide.

3. Louver Sizes

Shutters are available in 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ louver sizes. Larger louvers give a clearer view out while smaller louvers give a more proportional look to small windows.


Seng selected 3 1/2″ louvers which compliment her tall ceilings and large windows.

4. Tilting Options

Would you like to tilt your shutters with a traditional tilt bar, or have a clearer view out with a modern hidden tilt?

Either option will function the same. It’s all about which look you like best.


Want the Look?

Special thanks to Seng from for the helpful video and photos featured in this post. Her Signature Wood Shutters featured in this post were ordered with full panels, an inside mount “L” frame, 3 1/2″ louvers and a center tilt bar.

Compliments of

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